Item Description
1.0 Team Administrators on FA Fulltime Rule 21
1.1 So that the Teams from U11 up can add the required match stats to FA Fulltime you need to be set up in FA Wholegame (Club Portal) with the appropriate roles. Please speak to your Club Secretary to ensure this is done.
1.2 To be able to report results and complete the match stats you need to be able to login to FA Fulltime. Please check with your Age Group Secretary (AGS) that you can do this.
2.0 Player Registration Rule 18

Players MUST be entered onto FA Wholegame (Club Portal).  The parent must provide ONLINE consent, ID for the player must be checked and confirmed as having been done.


Players can only play for one team in an age group in U11s and above.

In mini teams (U7-U10) they can be registered for more than one.

2.3 Players can be signed for more than one age group within the same club or at a different club.
2.4 A Managers player Form MUST be completed for every player that needs to be registered. This can be found on the Taunton Youth League website          Manager – Player Details Form – 2023/2024 | Taunton & District Youth League (
3.0 Fixtures Rule 20
3.1 All fixtures are set by the League.
3.2 They must be played on the date set or, by mutual agreement with the Age Group Secretary and the Opposition, can be brought forward.

Postponements – there are procedures to follow regarding postponing a game.

1.       The team wishing to postpone the game MUST contact the AGS.

2.       Once agreed with the AGS, the Manager will be given instruction as to what to do next.

3.       Complete the match postponement form

4.0 Communication with Clubs Rule 7
4.1 The Age Group Secretaries are happy to discuss matters relating to fixtures with the Team Managers.

All other matters must be communicated via the Club Secretary,

e.g. Player Registration, Breaches of Rules, Complaints

5.0 Pre-match Procedures Rule 20
5.1 Following receipt of the FA Fulltime email, but at least 3 days before the game, the Home team must contact the Away team AND the Match Official to confirm the details of the fixture, to include:-
– Kit colours – Home team changes if there is a clash
– Venue – give full postal details and information about facilities, parking etc
– Confirm KO time
– Confirm payment amount with the Referee and how this is going to be paid.
6.0 Match Day Rule
18 & 20


10 minutes per half

5v5 pitch

12×6 goals

Size 3 ball



15 minutes per half

7v7 pitch

12×6 goals

Size 3 ball



30 minutes per half

9v9 pitch

16×7 goals (recommended) – do we need the word recommended?

Size 4 ball



35 minutes per half

11v11 pitch

21×7 goals (recommended) – do we need the word recommended?


Size 4 ball



40 minutes per half

11v11 pitch

24×8 goals

Size 5 ball

6.6 Ensure goals are secured, nets are undamaged, pitch markings are visible, corner flags are in place, minimum of 2 footballs fit for play.

Respect lines / barriers are in place, parents and supporters on one side of the pitch; players and coaches on the other.

We should consider allowing clubs to have parents on either side of the pitch with team only if respect barriers are in place and set back from the pitch giving teams space – to be discussed at next committee meeting.


Provide the match official (League Appointed Referee or otherwise) with your team sheet, fully completed. U11 to U16

Team sheet available on the website to download.

6.9 All players from U11 to U16 must have a numbered shirt different to every other player on the pitch
6.10 All coaches must be DBS checked and have the FA safeguarding course as a minimum. They must be named on the team sheet.
7.0 Post Match Procedures Rule 21

Reply to the SMS message with the match score

Format = H – A Team Code

e.g. 3 – 2 FAF (3 space dash space 2 space FAF)

remember you are sending a message to a computer so anything other than this will come up as an error on fulltime.

Any result not received incurs a fine.

7.2 Complete the team sheet and send it to the AGS, including any discipline and the referee’s score.

Login to FA Fulltime and complete the stats and questions.

Respect questions.

Players used.

Discipline (if any).

Referee mark.

Some of you may like using Matchday App and complete some of this information on there. Please be warned not all the information transfers across to FA Fulltime.

The League and AGS do not use the Matchday App and so only have FA Fulltime to check. If information is missing it will incur a fine, so please check that FA Fulltime is complete.