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1.0 Team Administrators on FA Fulltime Rule 21

So that the Teams from U11 up can add the required match stats to FA Fulltime you need to set people up in FA Wholegame (Club Portal) with the appropriate roles. These are-

Team Manager, the person running the team;  or

Team Coach, the person assisting the Team Manager;  or

Team Secretary, not involved in coaching but helps with admin tasks.

These people must have a valid email address and mobile phone number on their FA Record.

The same person does not need all these roles, one role will do the job.


Once these people are set up in your club portal (WGS) you need to check that they are listed in FA Fulltime correctly;

Log in to FA Fulltime, go to People and Primary Contacts. Choose one person for the team who is to receive the emails about fixtures, referee appointments etc.

One of these people will also need to receive the SMS results message. Please get in touch with your Age Group Secretaries to check who this is. You may wish to delegate this task.

2.0 Player Registration Rule 18
2.1 Players MUST be entered onto your club portal (WGS).  The parent must provide consent, ID for the player must be checked and confirmed as having been done.

Players can only play for one team in an age group in U11s and above.

In mini teams (U7-U10) they can be registered for more than one.

Players must register for one team in Mini (U7 to U10), however, league rule states that on match day they can play for either team if they only play for that team.

2.3 Players can be signed for more than one age group within the same club or at a different club.
2.4 A Managers player Form MUST be completed for every player that needs to be registered. This can be found on the Taunton Youth League website          Manager – Player Details Form – 2023/2024 | Taunton & District Youth League (
3.0 Fixtures Rule 20
3.1 All fixtures are set by the League.
3.2 They must be played on the date set or, by mutual agreement with the Age Group Secretary and the Opposition, brought forward.

Postponements – there are procedures to follow regarding postponing a game.

1.       The team wishing to postpone the game MUST contact the Age Group Secretary.

2.       Once agreed with the AGS, the Manager will be given instruction as to what to do next.

3.       Complete the match postponement form

4.0 Communication with Clubs Rule 7
4.1 The Age Group Secretaries are happy to discuss matters relating to fixtures with the Team Managers.

All other matters must be communicated via the Club Secretary,

e.g. Player Registration, Breaches of Rules, Complaints